Published Stories

Published Stories

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Bonsai Memories (anthology reprint)
Silver Pen Magazines 2017 Anthology (February 2018)

A Good Death Makes a Good Life
Down in the Dirt Magazine (February 2018)

Metanoia (reprint)
The Bookends Review (January 2018)


Io (reprint)
Allegory Volume 32/59 (November 2017)

That Moment When Time Stopped (reprint)
Berlin Notebook, Edition 1 (October 2017)

Digital Pulse
The Fable Online: Issue 22 (September 2017)

Tell Empathy (reprint)
Youth Imagination (August 2017)

RHNK Issue #3: On the Road (July 2017)

Hangtown (reprint)
Penny Shorts (April 2017)

Beyond the Chandrasekhar Limit
RHNK Issue #2 (February 2017)

Have You Met My Monster?
The Fiction Pool (February 2017)

That Moment When Time Stopped
Viewfinder Literary Magazine (January 2017)


Berlin Unspoken Volume 1 (July 2016)

RHNK Issue #1: On Tinder & Other Places (June 2016)

Sanitarium Magazine Issue #44 (May 2016)

Bonsai Memories
Fabula Argentea Issue #14 (January 2016)


A New Perspective (or, That Time I Was Allergic to Wussing Out)
Literally Stories (May 2015)

Tell Empathy
Popshot Issue #13: The Outsider Issue (April 2015)

Bonus free stories:

“Dead Weight” – 10,000-word novelette

“Annular” – 17,000-word novella